Calm Foaming Bubble Bath & Petite Luminary

$74.00 ea.

Fragrance Notes:

Serene meadows of blooming Hyacinth, earthen rooted Vetiver and fresh cut Iris, cooled by setting Citrus sunlight and delicate floral waters.

Bubble Bath

This distinctive bubbling bath bottle, made of hand blown Italian glass, is decorated with Calm's signature feather and finished with a cerulean sealing strip.

Petite Luminary

A sophisticated pattern of delicate vines set in real platinum creates a backdrop of luxurious elegance

Collection Includes
1 Calm Foaming Bubble Bath
1 Calm Petite Luminary

Bubble Bath: 8.75"h x 3.625"w x 1.625"d | 475ml
Petite Luminary: 10.5 oz | 56 hours