In Love Classic Petal Bubble Bath & Petite Perfumed Luminary

$68.00 ea.

Fragrance Description:

Classic petals...delicate infusions of Apple Blossom kissed sweetly by Jasmine, floating upon the breath of truest Living Rose.

Bubble Bath

Blended with moisturizing Olive Fruit, Avocado oils, and Vitamin E. A luxuriously rich and beautifully perfumed bubble bath formulated for lots of full, fragrantly chattering bubbles. A delicate, classic silhouette, an Italian glass bottle with a modern aesthetic, topped with the symbolic key to the beloved's heart, a reminder of what it truly means to be In Love.

Petite Perfumed Luminary

Elegantly tailored foulard pattern in a chic menswear inspired print presented in a purely feminine way.

Collection Includes
1 In Love Classic Petal Bubble Bath
1 In Love Petite Perfumed Luminary

Bubble Bath: 475 ml
Petite Perfumed Luminary: 10.5 oz / 56 hours

Luminary: 10.5 oz / Bubble Bath: 475 ml