Relax Evening Bubble Bath & Petite Luminary

$68.00 ea.

Fragrance Description:

A rich exotic blend of Lavender, Bee Blossom Honey with White Orchids and warm, woody undertones of Indian Amber delicately completed with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla.

Bubble Bath

White flower corsage and off-the-shoulder sash. Tiny, luxurious bubbles chatter in the tub as Avocado and Olive Fruit Oil tickle the nose. Rich Vitamin E silkens skin.
"Relax" - its virtually impossible not to with this alluring fragrance for evening.

Petite Luminary

Floral paisleys swirling in and out - beautiful to distraction. A charming display in the bedroom. Comfortable with eclectic decor and especially at home next to crisp, white sheets. The sensual blend of White Orchid, Tahitian Vanilla and Indian Amber is perfectly matched to its sweet, yet exotic covering.

Collection Includes
1 Relax Evening Bubble Bath
1 Breathe Petite Luminary

Bubble Bath: 3"l x 12.5"h | 125 ounces
Petite Luminary: 2.5"l x 5.25"h | 56 hours