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Short Robe

$94.00 ea.

Treat yourself to an evening wrapped in Lollia's signature linen robe. Created with the ultimate in bathing luxury in mind, and frosted with delicate Lollia accents, this robe will pamper you before and after the bath.


90/10 cotton/linen
Lollia Crest Embroidery on Bottom hem
Delicate Lace and vintage fabric label
Kimono Sleeves
Length: Above the knees

  • Color: White/Grey, Size: XS
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: M
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: L
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: S
  • Color: Aqua, Size: XS
  • Color: Aqua, Size: S
  • Color: Aqua, Size: M
  • Color: Aqua, Size: L
  • Color: Green, Size: XS
  • Color: Green, Size: S
  • Color: Green, Size: M
  • Color: Green, Size: L
  • Color: Pink, Size: XS
  • Color: Pink, Size: S
  • Color: Pink, Size: M
  • Color: Pink, Size: L