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Tennis Court Pleats

$78.00 ea.

Weekend in the Hamptons? Pleats a plenty on top and on bottom. The perfect pack-away chemise for vacation or a simple treat for everyday sleep. Pin tuck details with empire waist with cotton bow-knot. Heirloom Cotton & Linen blend. Destination: familiar favorite.

  • Color: White/Grey, Size: XS
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: S
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: M
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: L
  • Color: Aqua, Size: XS
  • Color: Aqua, Size: S
  • Color: Aqua, Size: M
  • Color: Aqua, Size: L
  • Color: Green, Size: XS
  • Color: Green, Size: S
  • Color: Green, Size: M
  • Color: Green, Size: L
  • Color: Pink, Size: XS
  • Color: Pink, Size: S
  • Color: Pink, Size: M
  • Color: Pink, Size: L