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Tuxedo Ruffles

$78.00 ea.

Everything Lollia is in the details. Dotted with rows of tiny buttons, graphic open work trim and tuxedo ruffles. Sexy scoop neck and flirty open trim empire waistline is demurely balanced by innocent enough cotton & linen blend.

  • Color: White/Grey, Size: XS
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: S
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: M
  • Color: White/Grey, Size: L
  • Color: Aqua, Size: XS
  • Color: Aqua, Size: S
  • Color: Aqua, Size: M
  • Color: Aqua, Size: L
  • Color: Green, Size: XS
  • Color: Green, Size: S
  • Color: Green, Size: M
  • Color: Green, Size: L
  • Color: Pink, Size: XS
  • Color: Pink, Size: S
  • Color: Pink, Size: M
  • Color: Pink, Size: L