Summer of 1982 No. 28 Reed Diffuser
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Fragrance Notes:
Top Notes: Magnolia, Clean Coral 
Middle Notes: Sweet Jasmine, Coconut Milk 
Bottom Notes: Vanilla Bean, Sheer Musk, Teak

All New! Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance:
Define your personal space with the signature Summer of 1982 No. 28 perfume blend from Lollia's Poetic License Candle collection. Wooden reeds draw fragrance oil from the decanter to diffuse a poetic scent narrative into your surroundings. Layers of sophisticated fragrance unfold and are released to uplift and transform any room into a lovely and gracious home. Case pack of 2 diffusers.

Carefree summer days, 
sun-drenched and thick with adventure 
Basking in the sweet current 
of Clean Coral & Coconut Milk 

Box: 4.25"w x 10.625"h x 4.25"d 

Fill Weight:
8 oz | 236 ml