Sweet Hearts Little Luxe Eau de Parfums
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Wander e.1005 Little Luxe
At Last No.17 Little Luxe
In Love No. 9 Little Luxe
Breathe No. 19 Little Luxe
Wish No. 22 Little Luxe
Relax No. 8 Little Luxe

Fragrance Descriptions

Wander eau. 1005 // A floral escape for the romantic dreamer. Night blooming Jasmine and ancient Cypress adrift on moonlit paths of Water Lily and delicate, dew drenched greens.

At Last No. 17 // Soft and simply captivating. A light floral celebration of powdery rice flower perfectly paired with lovely, southern magnolias and demure mimosa.

Relax No. 8 // A rich exotic blend of Lavender, Bee Blossom Honey with White Orchids and warm, woody undertones of Indian Amber delicately completed with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla.

Breathe No. 19 // A floral heart of ruffled Peony and White Lily with sheer hints of fresh Grapefruit and Orange. A fresh air impression infused with leafy green notes surrounded by a hint of cool, mossy forest paths.

Wish No. 22 // Warm Vanilla Bean and Rice Flower delicately frosted with sugared pastille. Jasmine Leaves sweetened with Sugar Cane. Comforting Ylang Ylang and the sheerest of Amber Woods complete the scene, creating the most luxurious of fragrant escapes.

In Love No. 9 // Classic petals...delicate infusions of Apple Blossom kissed sweetly by Jasmine, floating upon the breath of truest Living Rose.

Fill Weight
Wander: .25 fl oz / 7.3ml
At Last: .125 fl oz / 3.6ml
In Love: .125 fl oz / 3.6ml
Breathe: .13 fl oz / 3.8ml
Wish: .125 fl oz / 3.6ml
Relax: .25 fl oz / 7.3

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